About us

Why choose us

Our customer service is bilingual, fast, qualified and efficient. You will never be on your own with our instant messaging service. Our agents will guide you throughout the whole process in order to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Our services is the fastest, our offers more interesting and our " Client Access " gives you total control over your loans. Do as Canadian citizens, choose FinaOne !

Our Mission

Thanks to our corporate structure where the is no branch, FinaOne is able to make you save a lot of money. As Pioneers in personal loans, FinaOne continues to evolve according to the trends and the needs of Canadians, thus securing us to be among the best brokerages companies of personal loans.

What we do

Our first objective at FinaOne is to meet your impending financial needs through a personal loan. This will be deposited directly into your bank account via direct deposit. With a repayment agreement adjusted to your situation, FinaOne assure you peace of mind for your repayment process.

The key to our company is that we exists to provide financial products and services of quality to our customers rather than to provide work for employees and managers.